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At Rowe Beef, we only collect personal information that is necessary to fulfill your order, including your name, email address, phone number, and delivery address (when applicable). Please be assured that we do not share, rent, or sell your personal information to any third parties.


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    At Rowe Beef Co., we our committed to protecting your privacy. Please read the following information from the lawyers about our Privacy Act compliance policy. Our customers and their authorized agents (hereafter referred to as “our customers”) authorize Rowe Beef Co. to gather and all pertinent
    information from banks and/or any other sources which relate to their credit and financial situation in order to commence and continue a normal business relationship. This authorization will remain in
    effect for the length of the active business relationship. Our customers request Rowe Beef Co. to
    acquire such information and release them from any responsibility for the consequences of any
    information which they acquire. Rowe Beef Co. asks that all information with which it is supplied be true. In the event that false information is supplied to Rowe Beef Co. by the customer, Rowe Beef Co. is thereafter absolved of any agreements that they have with the customer. Rowe Beef Co. may request financial statements at any time from any customer to which they extend $25,000.00 or more in credit.



    I declare that all the above information is completely true. I agree to be subject to a finance charge of 2% per month on all outstanding balances that fall past due. I also agree that, if past due, my account will be placed on hold and that I will be
    responsible for all legal, collection, and other costs related to settling the account. Finally, I agree to pay a $75.00 service charge on all cheques that are returned N.S.F.