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If you want to learn more about Craigmore Farm, please visit their website

Craigmore Farm div of The Craigmore Group Inc., has been raising some of the finest Registered Black Angus cattle and livestock in North America since 1992. Ownership roots in Canadian agriculture go back to 1855 when immigrants from Europe emigrated and were settled in Saskatchewan. 


We are proud active members of the American and Canadian Angus Association, the American Wagyu Association, Australian White Sheep Breeders Association, the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association and Ontario Sheep Farmers.


Our focus is data driven. For almost three decades, we have utilized science like DNA testing to identify and breed for traits of importance like Marbling, Tenderness, Growth, and Residual Feed Efficiency. Ultrasound is an important measurement tool that has helped us identify and retain only the very best genetics for our Customer Satisfaction Prime Market!
We are the Trademark originators of the “Kotta” brand for quality Beef and Lamb. We market our Premium Quality Kotta Lamb brand through our subsidiary Kobe Lamb Group Inc.
We have developed and shaped our program to improve and become the very best. Our Wagyu and Black angus cattle genetics are elite. We are the first to introduce game changing Australian White sheep genetics to the Canadian Commercial Restaurant and select Consumer Marketplace.
Our farms base is just north of Toronto, totalling about 250 acres, and we contract another 500 acres, which is critical, in that it allows us to fully control the feed supply we offer to our livestock.

We are proud of our “Old School” philosophy, which we define as sustainable, natural thinking.

Rowe Beef is proud to be the exclusive distributor and partner for Craigmore Farms. Please reach out to us at info@rowebeef.com to learn more about processing dates, prime cuts and pricing.

If you want to learn more about EST. 8, please visit their website

At Rowe Beef, we are proud to announce that we have the exclusivity in Ontario to sell Est. 8 Angus® beef, a premium meat product with exceptional quality and extraordinary flavour. This brand is named in homage to the facility’s USDA establishment number, EST. 8, which represents the heritage, tradition, and passion of generations of farmers in Iowa and the Upper Midwest to produce the best possible beef.

What sets Est. 8 Angus® apart is the superior quality and rich flavour of the meat, thanks to the farmers’ steadfast conviction to nurture their land and care for their livestock. This brand is an industry-leading, upper-two-thirds, Black Angus Choice-grade USDA certified product, exclusively available from Iowa Premium.

To ensure the highest quality beef, Est. 8 Angus® cattle must meet strict selection and certification standards, including being raised by farm families in Iowa and neighbouring upper Midwest states, black and black baldy Angus for superior marbling, and corn-fed for exceptional flavour. The meat must also be visually appealing, practically free of capillary rupture, and have no dairy breed or Brahman breed influence for superior muscling and consistent tenderness.
At Rowe Beef, we are proud to offer our customers the exclusive opportunity to taste the exceptional quality and extraordinary flavour of Est. 8 Angus® beef, crafted by Iowa Premium’s skilled team of butchers who expertly hand-trim every piece of meat and hand-pack and inspect all of our boxes to provide extra attention to detail in delivering a superior product.

If you want to learn more about Top Grass Cattle Company, please visit their website

Located at the base of the Handhills, just east of Drumheller, Alberta, this is where Top Grass Cattle Co was founded.
This is where our animals roam during the spring, summer and fall on mostly native prairie grasses that have been undisturbed for thousands of years. The landscape is one of deep coulees, rolling hills, creeks, big blue skies and grass as far as you can see. This is truly a Cows paradise.
Rich in biodiversity this land hosts many various grasses, forbs, shrubs, birds and other wildlife. Some of the more popular grasses found are Rough Plains Fescue, Needle and Thread Grass, Northern Wheat Grass, and June Grass. It is also home to many Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Coyotes, badgers, gophers and other animals known to the prairies.
In the winter and depending on grass production during the regular growing season, our animals live near Huxley, AB with a family that is dedicated to giving them the utmost care. Highly productive soils abundant in moisture make this an ideal location to produce various forage crops high in nutrient value to finish our animals. These forages are harvested in the summer at their nutritional peak and stored in the form of hay bales, silage, haylage and fed out on pastures in troughs when green grass is not available, or the growing season is over.
We use a variety of forages that include kale, forage turnip, forage sorghum, clovers, brassicas, vetch, various cereals and legume crops in the vegetative state. In addition, we will supplement this diet with Malt Sprouts (a by- product of the Malting industry) that are a good source of energy in our cold climate. Barley seeds are sprouted, and the seed goes into making beer and the sprouts are separated, dried and then we mix in with our other forages… This concept is very similar to greens you buy in health food stores. They are not sprayed with any chemicals and just like the greens from the health food store, are very nutritious.
We are continually learning and experimenting with different forages to produce the highest quality grass fed beef possible.

For the past 18 years, we have been dedicated to crafting the finest local products, and we are excited to re-introduce our signature line; Wellington County™ Premium Ontario Corn-Fed Beef. 


We understand that many chefs and foodservice consumers prioritize using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, and we are proud to meet this demand by providing a premium meat program that is sourced from neighbouring farms in the prime cattle growing areas of Southern Ontario. 


Our beef is hand-selected from the highest quality CANADA AAA and CANADA PRIME grades to ensure that you taste the difference that passion and dedication make. Join us in supporting our local farmers by choosing Wellington County™ Premium Ontario Corn-Fed Beef for your next culinary creation.


Stay Tuned as we are about to introduce our new line of wellington County Products.